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"Step #1: Equity through ownership: design racing events for illegal street racers by illegal street racers"

Evo Street Members are composed of ex-illegal street racers, automotive enthusiasts, concerned parents, and track regulars that reduce illegal street racing by reaching out to young-adults and at risk-people to take it off the street and onto the track.

All Evo Street Members receive discounts to Beat The Badge™ Events, Super Bowl of Street Racing events, and from motorsports manufacturers/retail shops as they become available.

Also Evo Street Racers provides FREE consultation and assistance to any Member that is interested in creating and coordinating their own Street Scene based event!  

Plus did we mention that there is no charge to sign up!

Isn't it time to become a real racer? Become an Evo Street Racer: the evolution of illegal street racers into motorsports racers.

To become an Evo Street Racers Member click here.

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