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Illegal Street Racing Accident


Illegal Street Racing Accident

Illegal Street Racing Accident

Illegal Street Racing Accident


Evo Street Racers History, Mission, Goals, Plan, and Solutions:

Evo Street Racers is a volunteer driven motorsports association. Our free programs focused on reducing illegal street racing has been proven to save lives.

Illegal street racing has been a part of the American Car Culture ever since the motor was installed into a buggy.  Throughout the years the activity of illegal street racing has continued to advance in popularity with the major difference being the choice of vehicles to race. Contrary to widespread belief the Fast and Furious movie did not start illegal street racing in America. The release of the movie was as a result of illegal street racing already having substantial popularity in young adults.

Nonetheless, many consider the release of the Fast and Furious movie in 2001 as the single largest influential factor for introducing illegal street racing to the modern day mainstream global conscious. Numerous media outlets, politicians, motorsports associations, and automotive businesses saw the release of the movie as an opportunity to increase ratings, increase publicity, raise membership, and increase profits. The alternate motives of many of these entities resulted in shameful short term theatrics in their solutions to the existing and growing illegal street racing problem.  With the foundation of their efforts set on a slippery slope upon illegal street racing losing popularity in the media, business revenue streams decreased, and in response many of these entities quickly abandoned their efforts to reduce the problem at a huge cost: lost life. 

Consequently illegal street racing reached epidemic proportions as it became a global societal disease. With hundreds dying, thousands being injured, related crimes increasing, and lack of interest to resolve the issue, someone needed to rise to the occasion, challenge the statuesque and develop an extraordinary plan to capture the attention of the world and effectively reduce the problem. Evo Business

In response Street Scene Revolution's Evo Street Racers was founded in 2003.

With extensive experience on the street, strip, boardroom, and classroom Evo's knowledge in designing, promoting, and coordinating a comprehensive set of sustainable illegal street racing solutions have been proven to save lives.

Evo Street Racer's Mission:

Assist in the evolution of illegal street racers into motorsports racers.™

Evo Street Racer's Goals:

  • Stage 1: Create and Encourage Legal and Safe Motorsports Events.
  • Stage 2: Design, Implement, and Promote Community Inclusion Programs.
  • Stage 3: Lobby for Stricter Penalties, Effective Legislation, & Consistent Law Enforcement Techniques.

Evo Street Racer's Plan:

The Evolution Solution

Evo Street Racer's Commonly Asked Questions:

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