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Race Legal & Alexander Valle-Cervantes Partner With Evo Street Racers

Source: Evo Communications Department
Date: May 17, 2012
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Evo Overview :

The motorsports community in Southern California, the home of drag racing, is constantly under threat for losing motorsports tracks as a number of drag strips, circle tracks, and road courses have shut down.  With California amongst the highest states for illegal street racing incidents and accidents, any effort made to create safe alternatives to the illegal racing is vital not only for the racing industry but for the safety of the community.    Race Legal was founded in 1998 by Dr. Stephen J. Bender from San Diego State University’s Graduate School of Public Health with this very specific purpose: save lives.  It is with great honor that Evo Street Racers pursues an official partnership with Race Legal and their Chief Marketing Officer Mr.  Alexander Valle-Cervantes.

About Alexander Valle-Cervantes:

As Race Legal's Chief Marketing Officer, Alexander works alongside RaceLegal.com ’s Executive Director, Program Manager, Professional Track Photographers & Videographers, DJ, and Webmaster. He reports directly to the Board of Directors and Executive Directors of the program.Race Legal Qualcomm

Alexander specializes in new technologies in PR including ecommerce, implementing marketing campaigns, Time Restricted Offers (TRO), fundraising, Media Design, Social Media, Mass Email Transmittals, Photo/Video editing, Wordpress, and any other projects requested. He has an AA in Social and Behavior Sciences from San Diego Miramar College and is also a graduate of the Private Pilot Ground School Graduate with a concentration airplane. Engaged in numerous groups he works with Racers Against Street Racing (RASR), Automotive Industry Marketing, Eastlake High School Alumni Association, and the Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity.

Race Legal's Official Press Release:

Mission Statement:

RaceLegal.com, the safer and sanctioned track alternative to illegal street racing, was developed with one goal in mind. Saving the needless loss of young lives to an illegal street race gone bad is RaceLegal.com’s mantra. To that end we have been remarkably effective. The concept was one of providing a youth oriented environment in a neutral and centrally located location where we could replicate a street environment, but with safer and sanctioned conditions that insured the safety of our racers and their fans. The under pinning is one of skillfully redirecting illegal street racing behavior to the safer and sanctioned sport of drag racing in a youth oriented setting. As sated above, the results are impressive.
Race Legal Qualcomm

Community Based Intervention

Most communities view illegal street racing activity solely from a law enforcement perspective. In San Diego we choose to view this high risk behavior as a broader public health and safety issue. With that concept in mind we developed a comprehensive community based solution entitled “Closing the Loop on Illegal Street Racing.”The “Closing the Loop” approach to intervention is comprehensive, across the board and accomplished with a spirit of cooperation between all agencies involved. The community realized early on that we were not likely to significantly impact this high risk behavior without the combined and committed effort of rigorous law enforcement, consistent adjudication, meaningful probation and a user friendly track alternative like RaceLegal.com.As reported above, the results in the appropriate direction are unprecedented and testament to what a community in unison can accomplish.

Project Goals

  • Provide a minimum of 12 annual safer and sanctioned track alternative to illegal street racing “events” at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium.
  • Continue to serve as an integral aspect of San Diego’s “Closing the Loop” approach to intervention as it relates to the incidence of illegal street racing in our community.
  • Continue to organize the San Diego community via the techniques of social networking, media advocacy and creative epidemiology in an effort to maintain high level community awareness of the incidence local illegal street racing activity, driving unbuckled and ’0′ tolerance as it relates to drinking and driving.
  • Provide consulting expertise to other communities interested in becoming a RaceLegal.com associate member.
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