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Sneak Peak: Beat The Badge Reality TV Series

Source: Evo Street Racer's Communication Dept.
Date: May 17, 2011
Revision Date: N/A

From the association who brought you wickedly intense and memorable motorsports events featuring automotive enthusiasts racing against police officers releases details on the next biggest motorsports television hit: BEAT THE BADGE REALITY TV SERIES™!


There is an unknown battle that hits the streets each day and every night. There are those who modify vehicles to race on public streets risking people and property for the sake of purse and pride and there are those who are sworn to capture them at all costs.  Enemies at first sight through the hands of a steering wheel…this is the world of illegal street racing. Racing Suit

What if, just for a moment, this reality is challenged? What if illegal street racers didn’t have to race away from the police instead raced against them?

The battle ground for the encounter between illegal street racers and law enforcement has been set… a fierce motorsports competition that takes place in motorsports parks across the country.  Each episode features one illegal street racer and one police officer competing in four out of the six races.

Don’t expect to see the same set of vehicles twice as each course delivers its own pair of high performance balls to the walls ass ripping vehicles.  Mechanical advantages between the two vehicles…None.  Internally each set of vehicles will be identically equipped for performance, handling, and safety with the winner determined through his/her will-power, skill, and ability.  Each set of vehicles sport a jaw-dropping multi-colored rippling exterior; one in police colors and the other in a tuner scheme. No personal Junkers allowed on this show; only the hottest cars the world has seen!

The battle features three motorsports competitions; the first two are chosen by the competitors and the third is chosen by the host. The winner is declared by winning two out of the three competitions with the opportunity to race against the Host for the grand prize: everything needed to start a legitimate amateur racing career…a brand new full size pick-up truck, a Shifter-kart, racing gear, driving classes, and the mentorship of a professional race car driver.  Don’t expect this challenge to be easy let alone predictable as the host has a specially equipped vehicle, chooses the course, and the rules.

The no-holds-barred competition does not end on the track as the drama spills over into the reality of the participant’s lives.  The first race features the competitors discussing their lives and reasons for the choices made.  The second race features the opinions of their challenger, while the third and final race features the “confrontation.”  Standing toe to toe will these competitors see eye to eye or let the burning rubber from their tires speak for them? 

The end of the show features the “checkered flag conclusion” where the illegal street racer makes the ultimate decision: Will s/he evolve from an illegal street racer into a motorsports racer? 


Street Racer Versus Cops

*Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Mopar and the Pentastar logo are registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC. There is no affiliation between Chrysler Group LLC and Evo Street Racers and/or Beat The Badge TV Series. BFGoodrich is a registered trademark of the Michelin Group. There is no affiliation between BFGoodrich and Evo Street Racers and/or Beat The Badge TV Series. Pictures appear solely as an example of the concept in featuring an identical vehicle with unique exterior elements.
**Beat The Badge TV Series™ is registered with the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

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