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Evo Member Story: Illegal Race At General Motors Plant Results In Wheelchair For Life

Source: Communications Dept.
Release Date: May 19, 2010
Update / Revision: N/A

Evo Overview:

Long before the term "Fast and Furious" conjured up thoughts of "boy racers" terrorizing the streets and at a time when these same fans of the movie were being born illegal street racing was already rampant across America. One such story of this earlier era comes from an Evo member in 1982 when he was a high school senior. This story doesn't end like those seen in the movies where a car flips in the air and the occupant walks out with a bruise on his elbow. This story portrays illegal street racing in all its realities and horrors...

Member: B.W. of Oklahoma wrote Evo Street Racers:

"October 26,1982 my senior year of high school,at age 17 after getting out of school at 3;30pm & getting ready for my afternoon job ,which ended at 10:00pm i hitched a ride to a local Utotem store where i met a couple of guys  from my school on South  Air Depot cruise in  Midwest City,Oklahoma.I understand that the cruise in Midwest City was one of the biggest nation wide.Anyhow after meeting up with a couple of high school buddies on Air Depot they told me of the race that was fixing to happen out by the General Motors Plant where races were almost happening nightly. By 10:27 pm ,27 minutes after i got off work and standing at the finish line a 1969 SS Chevelle ,396-4speed,4;11 posi,lost control & hit 3 of us  standing beside the road at the finish line,i was the first one to be hit  and dragged under the car & the last one to  be found when a police  helicopter failed to find anyone in  the wooded area nearby.I suffered a shattered left pelvis,femur,displaced coccyx,dislocated  left arm,closed head trauma,frontal lobe damage,cerebreal hemmoraging,cerebral contusion,swelling,internal bleeding,internal hemmoraging,coma,parallel bars with physical therapy learned how to walk again after doctors told me id be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life,this is a True Story and can be found in the archives of The Daily Oklahoman-B.W."

The Daily Oklahoman Article:

Oklahoma Street Race


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