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Evo Member Story: 1980's Illegal Street Racing - Ford Mustang 5.0 Style.

Source: Communications Dept.
Release Date: June 08, 2010
Update / Revision: N/A

The Ford Mustang is considered by many enthusiasts to be the most iconic American muscle car ever produced by Detroit. Rumbling with its large displacement high torque engine and selling at an entry level price point has allowed many Americans to get behind its steering wheel. Unfortunately it is all too often that this same car in the hands of inexperienced young adults is raced illegally with dire consequences. As told by an Evo member the below story occurred in 1988 with a brand new 5.0 Mustang, alcohol, and a need for speed on public roads.

Member: T.B. of Lynchburg Virginia wrote Evo Street Racers: Ford Mustang Street Racing
"As a former street racer that survived a crash,the tv piece ON ESPN really hit home. In 1987,I bought a new 1987 5.0 Mustang LX and that thing was bad fast from the factory,I also did the few HP tricks there were around then,like taking the intake silencer off and bumping up the timing as well as the K&N air filter.I did a lot of racing over the next year and a half,the 1st race I run,I blew away a mid 80\'s Z28 Camaro and that was a great feeling.

The night I wrecked in Oct 1988,a couple of friends and I were out celebrating the LA Dodgers winning the 1988 World Series,I had had 3 Blue Motorcycle mixed drinks and didn\'t have any business driving home,on the way home,a 350 powered \'88 Trans-am pulled up beside of me and it was on after that,we got caught in traffic and I pulled out to pass a slower car to keep up with the Trans-Am,then I lost control spun out,went across the road and got crunched by a Camaro going the other way,there were 4 people in that car,it is a miracle no one was killed,but there were 2 hurt in my car,my passenger would have been killed if he did have his seat belt on since the Camaro hit my Mustang in the passenger door going 45 mph,it was a big mess.No one was hurt in the other car,I was expecting to get charged with DUI as well as other things,I only got charged with wreckless driving.

Our friendship didn\'t survive the wreck and they have done a lot over the years to trash my name here in this area,2 wrongs don\'t make a right.

3 weeks later,I bought a new 1988 Mustang Gt and then hit a deer that night with 85 miles on the speedo,that was a major bummer.I still have the car and only get down on it every now and then to blow the carbon out.It is still mostly stock,except for the h-pipe and flowmasters."


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