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U505 Drag Racing Team And The Evo Organization Race Into A New Partnership!

Source: Communications Dept.
Release Date: May 14, 2010
Update / Revision: N/A

Evo Overview:

Illegal street racing is a unique crime requiring unique solutions to reduce the problem.  One such unique program is U505 Drag Racing Team’s “Street to Strip Drag School.”  Created by Cowboy the program integrates history, education, and awareness into a school setting for young adults.   Four weeks in length the curriculum reviews choices and consequences of racing illegally, reasons to respect life, and of course all the information needed to drag race.  This program is also offered in a condensed version for high schools as another proactive measure to reach the at-risk demographic.  

Mayor Stephen Reed of Harrisburg PA went on the record in stating about the program:
“The approach you have taken to addressing the carnage and dangers of street racing… is actually a model for how a variety of other solutions regarding issues affecting young adults in this country could be fashioned.
Street To Strip

The Evo organization is very excited about the new partnership as there ismuch that can be learned, adapted, andintegrated from the Street to Strip Drag School into a comprehensive global solution.  The practical hands-on experience that Cowboy brings to the equation is tremendous.  The power of teamwork is endless as the Evo Street Racers network has expanded one program further into the successful future of viable long term alternatives to the street.

For more information about the tremendous program that the Cowboy and his National Drag School offers please visit their official website at http://www.streettostrip.org/

Official Press Release:

Our U505 goodwill team volunteers our time and efforts to educate the public and young drivers through our National Drag School project.  This is a one-of-a-kind project in the nation.  What they learn in our classroom is not taught anywhere.  It centers around a unique four week program to bring about a greater 'respect for life'.  

Our program is endorsed by public officials and police departments.  It is completely funded by the fund-raising efforts of the U505 Team.  No student is charged any fee; our efforts are about 'life' not profits.

Every 12 seconds an auto crash kills a life and grieves a family.  In fact, auto crashes are the No. 1 killer of ages 16-25 Street to Strip(6000 victims every year).  While street racing significantly contributes to these deaths, so does drinking alcohol, other distractions, and inexperience.  This is why we believe every community needs a drag school program and a proper venue for young people to understand driving responsibility and legal racing. Street racing is selfish and for sissies. Education is prevention.

Through our community-minded efforts, we try to change the direction of life for a small group of young people.  The National Drag School is tuition free and usually hosts a new 4-week class in mid spring and visits high schools whenever possible.

In the classroom, young drivers learn about choices and consequences; responsibility when driving.  They will learn what courage is and is not.  They will find the meaning of respect for life.  It is sponsored through the U505 Team fund-raising efforts and donations from individuals and businesses.  Award for those who participate are provided by the community, locally, and nationally.

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