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Member Story: 1956 Chevy Bel Air, Illegal Street Race, and Alcohol Equate to Pedestrian Death in 1983.

Source: Communications Dept.
Release Date: May 10, 2010
Update / Revision: N/A

Either you have heard stories of illegal racing from the Baby Boomers generation or you are a Baby Boomer discussing your experience. In either case hot rods, muscle cars, illegal racing, sexy women, A&W burger joints, and alcohol are amongst the most popular prerequisites of a story. Sadly attempts to capture the illegal activity in the past often fall short of accuracy. Illegal street racing has since its inception acted as hindrance to society's well being. The below Evo Street member story discusses, verbatim (as it was sent to the Evo Organization), one experience in the world of illegal street racing nearly two decades ago.

Member: R.C. of Ohio wrote Evo Street Racers:
"I was reflecting on the past and wanted to see If I could find info on a fatal drag racing accident in the summer of 1983 or Bel Air1984. My first car was a 1974 GTO and in cleveland the unsanctioned drag race street was Quigley AVE. on every saturday night since the 50's there was a organized drag race, but not sanctioned. the police let drag race there because we were organized, and concidered it safe as it had been going on since the 50's with no accidents. It keep those who wanted to race off other streets and was less accidents as a city wide as a result.The city even paved the road for us. On Saturday night I went down to Quigley Ave. Not to race, my GTO was in need of some work and didn't have the gas money, But to watch the racing. most of the spectators were drinking and parting as usual. Out of nowhere comes a resident walking down the middle of the road(she wanted to be a neusance on purpose) yelling at us for all the noise! she had in one arm a bag of groceries and carring a 12 pack of beer in the other. She put down the beer and started waving her arm as she was yelling at us as many tried to get her off the road and some reconized she was giving the all clear to run signal the race starter at the other end started the race. she was hit by a 1956 Chevy Bel Air at the 1/4 mile point and everyone split the police came and she was DOA at the hospital.I have never drag raced again as many who were there I assume. I would like to have this info added to your sight and maybe fine records of the accident.  I am also interested in what exactly you are doing to promote safe racing! Quigley was well 1974 GTOorganized and had a good record but one night and one individual who was drunk and caused her own death, There are many things that could have prevented the accident. Better lighting for the street, Better communication, Barriers to separate the racers from the spectators. The city used to have a oval race course that allowed "parkinglot Drag Raceing", but they closed down.I belive that large cities should do what I saw in Neunburg Germany's Colosseum, A 1 MILE PUBLIC TRACK OPEN TO THE PUBLIC TO RACE ON!, racing is keep away from the public and there are median barriers to keep the racing contained to the track. But the insurance companies and others just seem to want to stop all public racing instead of seeking better more effective ways of dealing with the issue."


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