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Street Racing Is Legal And Fun!

Source: Director of Research
Release Date: March 23, 2010
Update / Revision: N/A

Its is that favorite time of the year again and we are not referring to Christmas rather street racing in St. Petersburg! The Indy Racing League will be coming into town the weekend of the 29th for one of biggest street races in the U.S.A..

During this same time another street race will occur across the "pond" as the world's most technically advanced race cars, Formula 1, will take to the streets of Melbourne Australia.

The personal fan favorite in the world of motorsports, the World Rally Championship, will also feature the wackiest street racing on back-country public roads.

This form of street racing is legal, rewarding, fun, and entertaining.

Unfortunately the term street racing is often misused to identify the act of illegal street racing in the media, government, and general public.

Evo defines Illegal Street Racing as:

An unsanctioned contest of speed involving one or more vehicles on an open public road.

Evo defines Street Racing as:

A sanctioned contest of speed involving one or more vehicles on a closed public road.

It is vital for the reporting and understanding of illegal street racing that everyone is fully aware of the difference between the two terms...otherwise how could we, as a society, stop a problem if few agree on how to reference it?

Next time you hear someone discuss illegal street racing as street racing, whether it be a friend or the media, encourage them to utilize the proper terminology.

It is only with education shall we successfully evolve illegal street racers into motorsports racers.

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