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Global Definition of Illegal Street Racing

Source: Communications Department
Release Date: February 17, 2010
Update / Revision: N/A

Perhaps the most hotly contested topic relating to illegal street racing is how to define it.Prior to being able to identify theillegal act and creating solutions a universal definition must be agreed upon.  With theassistance of government agencies across the globe and over a decade of experience Evo Street Racers hasdetermined that Illegal Street Racing is:

An unsanctioned contest of speed involving one or more vehicles on an open public road.

There are four key terms utilized in the definition: unsanctioned, speed, one or more vehicles, and an open public road.

“Unsanctioned” applies to a type of illegal race which does not apply to a set of rules, regulations, or disciplinary actions from either a recognized sanctioning body or motorsports track.  All illegal street races are unsanctioned.  Please note that even though an "Outlaw Race Track" does not have an endorsement by a recognized sanctioning body; it is still a business that must retain insurance; therefore, they impose regulations and safety rules for all racers and spectators. 

“Speed” includes many related traffic infractions ranging from reckless driving to excessive speeding.  It is at the officer’sdiscretion to define whether the act of speed was made with the intention of illegally racing. Excessive speeding is defined by a certain speed beyond the posted limited to where it is at the officer’s discretion to cite the offender for speeding or illegal street racing.  Many countries including Canada & Australia have adopted the aforementioned concept into their traffic laws.

“One or more vehicles” applies to the fact that illegal street racing can occur with just one vehicle (or more).  Illegal drifting, illegal top speed runs, and illegal time-attacks are all illegal forms of racing that can involve one vehicle. 

“Open Public Road” applies to the area where the illegal street race takes place.  All forms of illegal racing occur in an area which is not designated for motorsports racing at the time period that the illegal race occurs.  Please note the difference between an open public road and a closed public road as it applies to illegal street racing.  In Long Beach California the Indy Racing League (IRL) runs a motorsports race on a public road which has been closed for a temporary time period.  When the IRL race ends the road is reopened to the public and it is illegal to race a vehicle on that same street.


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